Salary Guide & Market Report 2022

20 September 2022

Blog Launch

Get the latest construction sector salary report & market guide.

We're proud to officially launch our 2022 report which showcases the latest industry trends and highlights direct from the professionals within the built environment. Read more about our survey findings and insights by downloading your free copy now.

Did you know a whopping 38% of industry professionals we surveyed expect a change in employers within the next 6 months? With such a high percentage of professionals looking to make a move, it's important to understand what's happening in the market, identify key trends and adapt to stay on top. Over the last year the construction sector has seen some radical changes to the work environment and there is now a new norm and way of working that is here to stay. Our survey of industry professionals highlights what employees are looking for and what their top priorities are; whether it’s staying in their current job or looking for a new job. The need for employers to adapt is critical in order to attract new talent as well as retain existing talent. Considering it typically takes 3-6 months for a new employee to settle into the organisation and into their new role, losing talent and not being able to find the right talent weighs heavily on employers and projects, with setbacks to project deliverables, staff and team morale and company culture.

15-20% salary increases and sign-on bonus are the key trends we are seeing in a candidate short market. We have also seen a shift in recruitment processes and employers are having to become more agile, with the pace of recruitment and hiring critical to securing the right people for their business. In-demand skill sets are commanding top salaries and benefits and there is often strong competition and a counter-offer culture emerging.

In a candidate driven market it becomes even more pertinent to work closely with recruitment partners to find the best talent. Market growth and expansion are being driven by new investment and as businesses struggle to find resources for projects, the delays ultimately impact project deliverables, missing key dates and send costs spiralling.

Our team at Archer have nurtured a strong network of industry professionals in the built environment including Project and Development Managers, Cost Managers and Quantity Surveyors, Building Surveyors, Real Estate and Engineering. Our team of specialists can provide market insight that is meaningful to your business and help deliver results. Archer’s service is bespoke to our client’s and candidate’s needs and everyone we work with receives a personal tailored approach.

You can read more about us and find out what is happening in the Construction sector in our annual 2022 Salary Guide & Market Report. We have local reports for the UK and Singapore markets to help you identify key strategies and insights; whether you are looking for talent or looking to make a career move.

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